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Michelin Guide Thailand 2024 Shining New Stars

Michelin Guide Thailand 2024 Shining New Stars - Bangkok's Best Restaurants at TOP25RESTAURANTS.comBangkok, Thailand, December 14, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / At the Michelin Guide Ceremony Thailand, Michelin has officially unveiled The Michelin Guide Thailand 2024 edition, revealing its much-awaited full restaurant selection, and celebrated the accomplishments of Thailand’s vibrant and dynamic culinary community.

The newly released Guide features 447 establishments – with 7 two Michelin Stars (2 promoted from one Michelin Star), 28 one Michelin Star (3 newcomers, and 3 promoted from Michelin Selected), 196 Bib Gourmand (28 newcomers, and 4 moved from Michelin Selected), and 216 Michelin Selected entries (37 newcomers). Among new additions to the Guide, 23 are from Ko Samui (4 Bib Gourmand, and 7 Michelin Selected entries) and Surat Thani Mainland (8 Bib Gourmand, and 4 Michelin Selected entries), the newly covered territories in this seventh local edition.

• With 2 new two Stars, 6 new one Star and one new Michelin Green Star, Thailand pursues its culinary journey to excellence.
• Of the 6 new one Michelin Star entries, 3 mark their debut in the selection.
• The 2024 Michelin Guide Thailand showcases a total of 447 food establishments: 7 two Michelin Stars, 28 one Michelin Star, 196 Bib Gourmand and 216 Michelin Selected venues.
• Among new additions to the Guide, 23 are from Ko Samui and Surat Thani Mainland, newly covered in this seventh local edition.

According to Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides, with an abundance of great local produce, including the freshest premium seafood, combined with a melting pot of cultures, Ko Samui and the mainland city of Surat Thani – the two additions in the beautiful gulf of Thailand – boast a vibrant and varied culinary scene that further contributes to The Michelin Guide Thailand’s existing restaurant selection.

“Our inspectors have experienced the true diversity that Thailand has to offer, from modern restaurants pushing culinary boundaries to simple street food stalls – continuously reinforcing Thailand’s rich gastronomic culture and heritage. The 2024 edition of The Michelin Guide Thailand highlights not only these exceptional culinary experiences, but also the latest trends in the country’s culinary world,” said Mr. Poullennec.

Underlying trends of Thailand’s culinary and gastronomic scene: Modern Thai cooking, healthy cuisines, sustainable production, and female prominence

Having travelled the length of the country, Michelin Guide inspectors noted the continued growth of a new breed of modern Thai restaurants helmed by a new generation of young and passionate Thai chefs, who are pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as modern Thai cooking. In addition, there has been a growth of reservation only, counter dining operations – serving modern and innovative tasting menus.

The trend for healthy and vegetarian cuisine also continues in Thailand, with the demand for plant-based and organic foods steadily rising as consumers have become more attuned to their consumption habits. This health-consciousness has led to a surge in demand for organic and healthy food products. Therefore, the trend of using locally produced, home-grown ingredients and of sustainable production is becoming more prominent – especially in upscale restaurants.

Particularly notable is the growing number of female chefs and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, who play significant roles in developing and shaping the culinary scene across the entire country.

2 restaurants newly receive two Michelin Stars
In the 2024 Michelin Guide Thailand edition, two Michelin Stars listing adds 2 new entries promoted from the one Michelin Star rating: Baan Tepa, where the farm-to-table philosophy is brought to the skillfully crafted, detailed cooking on its contemporary Thai tasting menu, made with seasonal ingredients sourced from sustainably minded producers and its backyard; and Gaa, a contemporary Indian restaurant that combines old-school cooking with modern techniques and presentation – serving assured and skillful dishes where finely judged spicing, extraordinary flavor combinations and contrasts in texture and temperature stand out.

It is noteworthy that both restaurants are run by female chefs: Chef Chudaree ‘Tam’ Debhakam of Baan Tepa, and Chef Garima Arora of Gaa. While Baan Tepa now boasts two Michelin Stars in the 2024 Guide after winning one Michelin Star upon entering the 2023 Guide; Gaa is only the second Indian restaurant in the world to currently hold two Michelin Stars.

6 restaurants newly receive one Michelin Star
Of the 6 new one Michelin Star entries, 3 are newcomers making it into the Guide for the first time, and the other 3 are promoted from Michelin Selected.

The 3 newcomers awarded one Michelin Star are: INDDEE, a modern Indian restaurant that takes diners on a journey around the different regions of India with its set menu using the charcoal grill extensively throughout; NAWA, a Thai contemporary restaurant that embraces the innovation concept, using modern techniques to produce central Thai cuisine with authentic yet bold flavors, and a seasonal tasting menu of finger food, small bites and modified versions of main courses; and Samrub Samrub Thai, a Thai restaurant offering a truly original tasting menu (changed bi-monthly) featuring ancient Thai recipes reproduced to trace the ages and crafts a complex amalgamation of aromas.

The 3 one Michelin Star laureates promoted from the Michelin Selected are: Mia, a restaurant offering modern European cuisine with Asian influences through the seasonal ‘Taste of Mia’ menu that shows off dishes with complex, well-balanced flavors in a 5- or 8-course feast – with vegan and vegetarian options, as well as with cocktail, mocktail and wine pairings available; Resonance, a restaurant offering a seasonal tasting menu that features dishes inspired by the chef’s past experience working around the world, with a tea pairing option upon advance request; and Wana Yook, a restaurant offering an innovative seasonal tasting menu inspired by “Khao Gaeng” or “rice topped with curry”, whereby every course features flavorsome Thai contemporary dishes with rice from different regions of Thailand.

A restaurant awarded with a Michelin Green Star for its inspiring sustainable approach
Joining PRU, Haoma and Jampa, who all hold Michelin Green Stars highlighting their commitment to sustainability, is a creative French restaurant, J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain. The chef and the team have made great advancements in developing their sustainable approach by building close relationships with Thai producers, examining in detail their kitchen practices – including monitoring their waste, abiding by strict recycling systems and many other smaller initiatives – all contributing towards their goal of striving towards a more sustainable future. With this newly-awarded restaurant, the Michelin Guide Thailand selection has a total of 4 Michelin Green Starred establishments.

Four Michelin Guide Special Awards
With its Special Awards, the Michelin Guide shines a light on talented professionals in Michelin-recommended restaurants who raise the gastronomic experience to a higher level. In doing so, they demonstrate how varied and exciting the hospitality industry is to work in.

The Michelin Young Chef Award
The 2024 Michelin Young Chef Award recognizes a young chef whose exceptional talent and great potential have impressed the inspectors. This year, the Young Chef Award, presented by Blancpain, is given to Ms. Chudaree ‘Tam’ Debhakam from Baan Tepa. A Thai chef with a bright future, Ms. Debhakam’s rise has been meteoric. After a stage at Gaggan, a role at the Water Library Group, and being a Chef de Partie at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York State, she returned to Thailand and subsequently made waves in the Thailand culinary scene when her restaurant, Baan Tepa, was awarded a Michelin Star upon entry in the 2023 Guide, and now awarded two Michelin Stars in only its second year in the Guide!

The Michelin Opening of the Year Award
The 2024 Michelin Opening of the Year Award is given to individuals and team, for the successful opening of a dining venue over the past 12 months, with a creative degustation concept and a cuisine approach which has had an impact on the local gastronomic scene. This award, presented by UOB, is awarded to Mr. Witchupol “Nay” Charoensupaya who is the owner of NAWA. NAWA opened in early 2023, and has entered the 2024 Guide with a Michelin Star. Napol Jantraget, or “Chef Joe”, heads the kitchen along with his partner, Saki Hoshino, with Mr. Charoensupaya out at front – together, they make a formidable team and were the obvious choice for the Opening of the Year Award with their terrific central Thai cooking featuring modern interpretations of traditional dishes.

The Michelin Service Award
The 2024 Michelin Service Award aims to highlight and encourage skilled and talented professionals who dramatically add to the customer experience.
This year’s Michelin Guide Service Award, presented by Tourism Authority of Thailand, is given to Ms. Louise Bourgeois from Chef’s Table. Ms. Bourgeois, the manager at Chef’s Table, has always greeted guests with a warm, fervent welcome. Her charming approach and delightfully relaxed manner really stand out. She also exudes a great presence, leading the team with real style.

The Michelin Sommelier Award
The 2024 Michelin Sommelier Award recognizes the skills, knowledge, and passion of talented sommeliers of the industry. This year’s Sommelier Award is awarded to Mr. Thanakorn ‘Jay’ Bottorff from INDDEE. Mr. Bottorff presents a beautifully curated wine list of 600 selections – including nearly 60 wines by the glass, with a superb mix of the esoteric and the classic it makes a great read with even a few quizzes to test your knowledge! With a warm, easy-going, and approachable style, he is a superb communicator and clearly knows his way around the terrific list. The wine pairings are thoughtfully curated, as he is not only flexible and affable, but also considers thoughtfully the diners’ preferences in his recommendations.

The Michelin Guide Thailand 2024 at a Glance:

  • 7 two Michelin Stars (2 promoted from one Michelin Star)
  • 28 one Michelin Star (3 new, 3 promoted from Michelin Selected)
  • 4 Michelin Green Star (1 new)
  • 196 Bib Gourmand (28 new, 4 moved from Michelin Selected)
  • 216 Michelin Selected (37 new)

The selection of hotels in the Michelin Guide Thailand complements the restaurant selection and is available free of charge on the Michelin Guide website and app. The selection showcases unique and truly moving destinations both in Thailand and throughout the world. Every hotel in the selection has been chosen by the Michelin Guide experts for its extraordinary style, service, and personality, and they can all be booked directly via the Michelin Guide website and app. Some of the most prominent hotels in this selection in Thailand include intimate designer boutique hotels and unique establishments from the “Plus” collection. The Michelin Guide, which is a benchmark in the world of gastronomy, is now setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the Michelin Guide website or download the mobile app free of charge on your smartphone to discover all the Michelin Guide selections and book unforgettable hotels and restaurants.

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