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Bintan Resorts Partner Trifactor to Bring Back The Bintan Triathlon in 2023

Bintan Resorts Partner Trifactor to Bring Back The Bintan Triathlon in 2023 - TRAVELINDEXBintan, Indonesia, June 26, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Bintan Resorts, in collaboration with TriFactor Asia, is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated return of the Bintan Triathlon By Trifactor in 2023 after a three-year hiatus. Set against the scenic backdrop of Lagoi Bay, Bintan, this renowned event is scheduled to take place on 21 October 2023, marking its comeback to the world triathlon series. Athletes from around the globe will gather to compete in a test of endurance, encompassing swimming, cycling, and running. Adding to the weekend’s events, a Century Ride competition for cycling enthusiasts will be introduced on 22 October 2023.

The Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor 2023 is a momentous revival of a sporting event that captivated enthusiasts in the past. The previous edition was held in 2019 and discontinued due to the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global pandemic from 2020 to 2022.

TriFactor, a brand by Orange Room, is Singapore’s foremost triathlon and endurance sports brand in Singapore, and now the official partner with Bintan Resorts for the Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor 2023. Since its establishment in 2009, TriFactor has expanded its TriFactor Series across various Asian countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China, providing a platform for all participants to forge connections and foster camaraderie as fellow triathletes from diverse backgrounds, uniting sporting communities.

“We are beyond excited to bring this event back to Bintan after a long absence,” said Mr Abdul Wahab, Group General Manager, PT Bintan Resorts Cakrawala (Bintan Resorts). “Bintan Resorts as a venue for sports tourism activities is given 100% support by the Governor of Riau Island Province – Bapak Ansar Ahmad, S.E., M.M and Head of Regency of Bintan – Bapak Robby Kurniawan, S.P.W.K. They have assured us on the safety, comfort and enjoyable events for participants & their families. He continued: “We look forward to working closely with TriFactor in organising this much anticipated revival event and welcoming back international and local triathletes to this race on the Triathlon calendar. Bintan also promises to be the ideal training ground in the run-up to the big day, with miles of beaches and 100 km of good roads for safe cycling without a single traffic light in sight.

Mr Elvin Ting, Managing Director and Founder of Orange Room, said: “TriFactor is delighted to partner with Bintan Resorts to organise the Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor Festival in 2023. Our close collaboration aims to revive sports tourism in the breathtaking setting of Bintan, offering our community the perfect location to train and compete at the highest level”. He added: “The island’s extensive coastline, well-maintained roads, and exceptional infrastructure create an ideal training ground for athletes, ensuring their safety, enjoyment, and inspiration. Working closely with the National Federation, we have endeavoured to bring the youth into this triathlon and cycling event too”.

Joining forces as esteemed Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor Ambassadors are well-known figures within the triathlon circuit. Arthur Tong and Elaine Young, founders of Singapore’s largest triathlon club, alongside Choo Ling Er, Singapore’s Fastest Ironman Woman, Andy Wibowo, a former Indonesian Swimmer turned triathlete and Asihta Aulia Azzahra – will all lend their support to this event. Their involvement underscores the appeal and significance of the Bintan Triathlon, attracting athletes and enthusiasts from across the region and beyond.

Taking place on 21st October 2023, the Triathlon will showcase various competitions:
● Sprint distance triathlon
● Olympic distance triathlon
● Enduro distance triathlon
● Kids Splash & Dash

Taking place on 22nd October 2023, cycling enthusiasts can embark on the Gran
Fondo Ride:
● A scenic 120km route through this tropical island paradise
● 60km ride for those who want a good race

For more information about the Bintan Triathlon by TriFactor 2023, please visit

About Bintan Resorts
Bintan Resorts is a multi-award winning, integrated beach resort destination that is
host to 19 independent beach resorts, four designer golf courses, as well as an ever-
expanding range of recreational facilities and attractions. It covers the entire northern
coast of Bintan Island and is located just 60 minutes away via a catamaran ferry ride
from Singapore, easily accessible for those looking for the perfect tropical beach

About TriFactor
TriFactor is dedicated to promoting accessible and inclusive good health through sports. Our comprehensive approach empowers members to achieve their fitness goals and aspirations to their fullest potential. By leveraging the latest advancements in sports science and technology, we help individuals overcome their self-imposed limitations and unlock their true physical and mental capabilities. Our focus on self-actualization promotes greater self-confidence and empowerment, leading to positive impacts on all areas of life. We support individuals at every stage of their fitness journey with a variety of themed destination races around the world, promoting sustainability, family bonding, and camaraderie. Our events are designed to be family-friendly, with activities and events for children and families, and we partner with local charities and organizations to give back to the community. We take steps to minimize our environmental impact, incorporate the latest sports science research and techniques, and use data-backed technology to track and analyze performance. At TriFactor, we believe that good health is not an event, but a lifestyle.

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