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Thai Gastronomy Shines at the 2022 Phuket TOP25 Restaurants Awards

TOP25 Restaurants Awards Phuket Thailand - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25RESTAURANTS.comPhuket, Thailand, September 2, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Travelindex unveiled the winners of its 2022 Phuket TOP25 Restaurants Awards, highlighting the favourite restaurants that exemplify why the Thai holiday island is a favourite gastronomy destination for gourmets and gourmands. Travelindex Announces its 2022 Phuket Restaurant Awards Revealing the Island’s Top Dining Venues ranked by Culinary Experts & the Restaurant Rating Index.

TOP25 Restaurants Phuket has announced the 2022 Awards with Samut restaurant taking the island’s top position for fine dining. Samut is helmed by chef Chatchawan Varahajeerakul, preparing fine Thai cuisine focusing on local seafood enhanced with local ingredients and spices. Close behind, in second position, is L’Arôme by the Sea, where Swiss chef Yannick Hollenstein creates modern French dishes in elegant restaurant with breathtaking sea views. The two top restaurants are followed by PRU, Phuket’s only Michelin-star restaurant, where chef Jimmy Ophorst raises regional food to a new level, inspire by Thailand’s various eco-systems. Nitan, an upscale, innovative Thai dining restaurant and Suay where Chef Noi serves modern Thai dishes, infused with European techniques.

The annual list and awards are based on Travelindex’s owned and patented “Restaurant Rating Index.” The multi-tier rating combines the power of crowd wisdom (social media and review sites) with artificial intelligence behavioral algorithms enhanced with guidance and expertise from on-the-ground experts, making it a true and objective curation and measuring standard.

With the stringent criteria applied to all restaurants in Phuket, Thai restaurants and Thai chefs have made tremendous progress and represent now eighty percent of our award winners in Phuket. We contribute to fostering the image of Phuket as a prime regional gastronomy destination, not only for excellent international food but also for some outstanding Thai and hyper-local food.“, said Bernard Metzger, Founder and Chairman of the TOP25 Restaurants Guide and Award series.

THE PHUKET TOP25 RESTAURANTS AWARDS 2022 go to the following restaurants:

  1. Samut, Innovative Thai
  2. L’Arôme by the Sea, Modern French
  3. PRU, Modern Thai
  4. Nitan, Innovative Thai
  5. Suay, Modern Thai
  6. Black Ginger, Rustic Thai
  7. JAMPA, Innovative Thai
  8. Acqua, Italian Fine Dining
  9. Jaras, Modern Thai
  10. Ta Khai, Rustic Thai
  11. Saffron Phuket, Traditional Thai
  12. Takieng, Southern Thai
  13. Age Restaurant, International
  14. Blue Elephant, Royal Thai Cuisine
  15. Nahmyaa, Modern Thai
  16. Wagyu Steakhouse, International
  17. Mom Tri’s Kitchen, Innovative Thai
  18. Carpe Diem Beach Club, Mediterranean
  19. Seafood at Trisara, Traditional Thai
  20. Tu Kab Khao, Traditional Thai
  21. Baan Rim Pa, Royal Thai Cuisine
  22. Kata Rocks Clubhouse, Mediterranean
  23. Talung Thai, Modern Thai
  24. Silk, Traditional Thai
  25. One Chun, Southern Thai

Seeking a little inspiration for where to dine in Phuket? Luckily, TOP25 Restaurants has just announced the winners of its annual TOP25 Phuket Restaurants Awards, highlighting the best restaurants on Thailand’s holiday island:

If you do not see your favorite restaurant on this year’s TOP25 Restaurants list, please click here for its submission.

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