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Uncle Nearest Now the Largest Grande Champagne Vineyard Owner in Cognac

Uncle Nearest Now the Largest Grande Champagne Vineyard Owner in Cognac - TRAVELINDEXShelbyville, Tenn, United States, October 14, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Uncle Nearest, the most-awarded Bourbon and American Whiskey company of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, has proudly secured ownership of Domaine Saint Martin. Nestled along the scenic Charente River in the city of Cognac, France, this esteemed estate traces its lineage back over 350 years, first to the Lord Mayor of Cognac, Philippe Fé de Ségeville, and subsequently to various cognac-making luminaries including the Martell family, its four-generation custodian.

Portion of Domaine Saint Martin, now owned by a French subsidiary of Uncle Nearest, Inc.
Encompassing over 100 acres with Charente River frontage and a unique island, the property adjoins a significant cooperage, expansive cellars, and a distillery. Furthermore, its 50 acres dedicated to Grande Champagne vineyards make it Cognac city’s crown jewel. To be labeled Cognac, the spirit must be exclusively produced in the Cognac region of France, which comprises six distinct crus. The Grande Champagne cru stands out as the most sought-after.

“The Uncle Nearest brand thrives on its profound story of love, honor, respect, and heritage. Our mission in Cognac echoes this essence,” remarked Fawn Weaver, Uncle Nearest Founder and CEO.

Throughout the past year, Weaver and her team, involving key spirits industry figures, have delved deep into Cognac’s roots, extracting groundbreaking insights which she believes will captivate global audiences.

“Our brand strategy pivots from the norm. We are unveiling a short film first at several film festivals, then launching the brand,” teased Weaver, hinting at an exploration of Cognac’s history that surpasses even Uncle Nearest’s meticulous research standards. Similar to The Story of Nearest Green, this cinematic portrayal of Cognac’s ascent across America, Europe, and Asia will be narrated by award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright, with filming commencing this Spring.

Spirits industry stalwart, Adrian Parker, takes the helm as president of this new venture, which is owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., but will not share the same brand name. He is flanked by seasoned spirits professionals Brielle Caruso, who serves as Chief Marketing Officer, and Chauncey Hamlett from The Formulation Group, who heads innovation.

“Under Fawn’s guidance and innovative approach, the Uncle Nearest team has created a playbook for independent spirits that has never before been seen,” said Adrian Parker. “In four years, they have grown Nearest Green Distillery to the seventh most visited distillery in the world. While there recently, I observed cars backed up for 1.5 miles each way trying to get in, with more than 14,000 visiting that weekend. The Uncle Nearest team went from distribution in one state to all 50 states in less than two years and their sales now rank them in the top 10 of all ultra-premium American whiskey companies, the only independent company in that ranking.”

Parker, Caruso, Hamlett, and the Cognac team are entrusted with expanding upon Uncle Nearest’s success blueprint. The strategic roadmap, according to Weaver, entailed exhaustive historical research as the foundation, collaborating with a globally renowned artist to amplify the story, assembling a top-tier team that is finely attuned to the discerning Cognac consumer’s desires, and then securing a well-known historic property as provenance.

While more will be unveiled in 2024, Weaver has invited her vast community on Instagram to join her and the Uncle Nearest team on this exhilarating journey as they seek to prove lightning in a bottle can strike twice.

About Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey pays tribute to the world’s first-known African American master distiller, Nearest Green. It was the pioneer spirits brand to bear the name of a Black American. The brand’s portfolio boasts the Most Awarded Bourbon and American Whiskey titles for the years 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, amassing over 900 awards and accolades since its launch in 2017. This includes an impressive 581 Gold medals or higher, which includes 97 Best in Class honors and an average critic’s score of 92. Uncle Nearest is currently available in all 50 states and 26 countries, with a presence in more than 30,000 stores, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Uncle Nearest is also available at its 432-acre Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville, Tenn., now the seventh most visited distillery in the world.

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