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World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism returns to Andorra

World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism returns to Andorra - TRAVELINDEXAndorra la Vella, Andorra, March 21, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / The UNWTO 11th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism will take place 23-25 March 2022 in Andorra. The event was postponed in 2020 amidst the global pandemic. When taking the stage this week, it will focus on MOUNTAINLIKERS: A New Approach to the Future.

For more than two decades, the UNWTO and the Principality of Andorra have been working on the development of snow and mountain tourism. The first event took place in 1998, with an intention to establish a permanent forum on the development and sustainability of tourism in mountain areas. The event is held every two years by UNWTO and the Andorran Government in collaboration with the seven Andorran parishes in rotation. The 10th Congress in 2018 attracted 350 participants from 33 countries.

The main objective of the Congress has been providing a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the sector and acquiring an overview of successful business models, innovation, the impact of climate change, and tourism marketing. Today the Congress has become an international benchmark for the exchange of knowledge regarding trends, tools, and opportunities for tourism development in mountain areas.

The 11th Congress sessions will cover health and well-being, sustainable consumption, and address innovation and digital transformation. Delegates will explore such topics as A.I. and ICT for the evolution of tourism contributing to sustainability and the environment, and they will discuss the development of responsible and inclusive destinations.

Andorra is nature par excellence. 92% of the surface is natural space, and only 8% is developable. While the country offers authentic experiences in natural settings, preserving the environment and facilitating sustainable tourism is essential to its long-term social and economic well-being. All the discussions, with Andorra being on the backdrop, will be dealing with urgent and severe global issues. There is much anticipation full of the Andorran air, as the country welcomes the Congress to return after four years.

Jordi Torres Falcó, the Andorran Minister of Tourism and Telecommunications extends a warm welcome to the international participants: “It is essential to contribute and cooperate between all the [stakeholders] involved for the recovery of this sector. Thus, having tourism professionals and experts at the Congress guarantees that the issues that will shape the future of mountain tourism will be discussed.”

Haybina Hao reporting for Travelindex from Andorra la Vella.

Haybina is an international travel industry reporter and has been reporting in both Chinese and English. Linkedin

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